Grab Hold Of Pokémon’s NSFW And Suggestive Plush, Wiglett

There have been many iterations of Pokémon toys over the years, some cuter than others. The latest addition, however, is an outlier that most likely never saw coming: a 10-inch Wiglett Poké Plush, which has never looked any more, uh, NSFW (short for not safe for work, for the uninitiated).

Pokémon NSFW Wiglett Plush

Retailing for US$24.99 on Pokémon Center, it’s modelled after Paldean variation of the classic critter Diglett first introduced in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. The plush measures about 10 ¼ inches (26cm) tall and 4 ¾ inches (10.8cm) wide, with a “bendable body [that] lets you create custom poses”. Yeah, the phrasing certainly isn’t helping matters.

It wouldn’t be so suggestive if the product images were taken from another angle, but alas, the side profile truly cuts a phallic image and makes every descriptive line sound like innuendo. Just give this a read: “In any case, this long Poké Plush version of the Garden Eel Pokémon is ready to stand tall as part of your plush collection, perched on your couch, coffee table, or bookshelf.” Come on, it’s clear The Pokémon Company knew what they were doing.

If anything, the plush’s design certainly aligns with Wiglett’s reputation as one of the most NSFW Pokémon out there. This Wiglett Poké Plush comes just a few days after the most recent Pokémon Presents livestream, which unveiled a new animated web series, a sequel to the Detective Pikachu game, further details about the upcoming DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, and more.