HYENAS Gameplay Trailer

Howl In Zero-G As Hero-Based Multiplayer Shooter ‘HYENAS’ Drops Gameplay Trailer

Revealed back in June of 2022, the sci-fi shooter known as HYENAS was revealed to the world, teasing a colourful venture of stealing priceless pop culture loot in space. Now, Sega and Creative Assembly are getting ready to share more, starting with the first-ever gameplay trailer for HYENAS.

The hero-based multiplayer extraction shooter is more than just about getting out alive; it pits five teams of three against each other, all while being pestered by AI security teams known as the MURFS. Get on board those vibrant and expansive Plunderships, grab the loot, and then get out.

There are firefights happening while floating in zero gravity, foam guns are used generously, and the action will come thick and fast. The various characters will have unique weaponry as well, together with abilities that can turn the tide. Whether that will be a fun experience when players get their hands on it remains to be seen, but so far, everything looks good for the multiplayer shooter.

To truly understand what’s going on and whether it is a good fit when it comes to gameplay, HYENAS will be holding another closed beta in the coming months, with those interested free to register their interest. Those heading up to Cologne, Germany, for Gamescom 2023 can also get down to the Sega booth to get some hands-on time.

No release date has been set yet for the shooter, but it is likely to be a 2023 release.