Lenovo Legion Go

Nintendo Switch As A PC? Lenovo Legion Go Handheld Answers The Call

When it comes to gaming on the go, the mobile phone market has seen serious competition from the more traditional players in the industry. The Nintendo Switch has long been the leader in hybrid gaming, the Steam Deck has its community of invested players as well, and new upstart ROG Ally is steadily progressing. Now, a new competitor is stepping into the fray, with leaked images of the Lenovo Legion Go pointing to a largely familiar form factor.

As shared by Windows Report, the PC gaming handheld looks an awfully lot like the Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck had a baby, and it is a heavyweight one. The detachable controllers take obvious inspiration, with the kickstand going the same route as well. The eight-inch screen will likely produce nice, crisp images while playing games too.

On the right controller appears to be a touchpad, together with a hidden wheel. What purpose that will serve is a question for another time, and with the detachable controllers, it is likely the Lenovo Legion Go will have a touchscreen.

The larger footprint of the device could do wonders for its battery life compared to the competition, but that will ultimately come down to the software that it can support. Those air vents on the back will also go a long way in keeping the device cool for those long gaming marathons.

According to the report, the Lenovo Legion Go will run Windows 11, which could mean that all of your games playable on the OS can be brought out on the go as well.

At first glance, it seems like this new device is making sure not to repeat the mistakes of others, which can only be a good thing. How it will perform will be the barometer of success, and hopefully, Lenovo will have more to say in the coming weeks.