Kid-targeted videos best with parental guidance. Gives This A 3/5 Overall Rating.

Quick Content Overview of What Your Child Will Experience:

  • App Play Simplicity: 5
  • Level of Fear and/or Violence in App: 1
  • Amount of Sexual Content: 1
  • Level of Bad Language: 1
  • Amount of Drug Use and/or Smoking: 1
  • Amount of Consumerism: 5

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Some Things To Keep In Mind

Parents need to know that YouTube Kids is a kid-targeted portal to YouTube that features curated, ad-supported TV shows, music, educational videos, and user-created content. It’s worth noting that since there are regular updates, the channels and videos are always subject to change. The app continues to draw lots of public scrutiny and controversy for including some clearly inappropriate videos and ads (with nudity, alcohol, and profanity), as well as fast food and junk food ads that push unhealthy food (some of which look a lot more like entertainment than advertising, making it hard for kids to know they’re being marketed to).

YouTube Kids is a Entertainment app that is designed for those 7.  The app has an overall rating of 3 out of 5 and a learning rating of 3 out of 5.

YouTube Kids is available for Free On The Following Devices:

iPod Touch


Our Thoughts on the Level of Engagement:

There’s something for everyone on YouTube Kids. Toddlers to big kids will be able to find a show, music, or educational content that fits their interests (with parental guidance).

The Support Level for YouTube Kids is about a 3 out of 5.

The interface is very intuitive and easy to browse, but there’s no channel guide or tutorial.

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July 26, 2015