Stealth game requires creative thinking and trial and error. Gives This A 5/5 Overall Rating.

Quick Content Overview of What Your Child Will Experience:

  • App Play Simplicity: 4
  • Level of Fear and/or Violence in App: 1
  • Amount of Sexual Content: 0
  • Level of Bad Language: 0
  • Amount of Drug Use and/or Smoking: 0
  • Amount of Consumerism: 1

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Some Things To Keep In Mind

Parents need to know that SPY mouse is a series of maze-like puzzles in which players need to get their mouse, Agent Squeak, from point A to point B. Along the way, players have to dodge roaming cats that can catch Agent Squeak and form a cartoon-like fight cloud. Instead of just drawing a track to the goal, players often have to create unique, winding paths to confuse the cats, making the gameplay style and strategy wholly unique. Users can share high scores via the Game Center social network, but participation is optional.

SPY mouse is a Puzzle Games app that is designed for those 8.  The app has an overall rating of 5 out of 5 and a learning rating of 2 out of 5.

SPY mouse is available for Free-$1.99 On The Following Devices:

iPod Touch

Kindle Fire
Nook HD


Our Thoughts on the Level of Engagement:

Accessible yet challenging for most ages. Production value is high and cat and mouse narrative is a winner.

The Support Level for SPY mouse is about a 2 out of 5.

App is super easy to navigate. Though point system is a bit cryptic, kids might get into special challenges.

We’d like to thank C.S.M for providing some of the information on this page.


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April 25, 2016