MeetMe – Meet New People – Social Networking App Review

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MeetMe – Meet New People – Social Networking App Review

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MeetMe is a social media site directed at meeting new people and easily chatting with people who are looking for the same intentions. This social media site is only for adults over the age of 18, and pulls up the people closest to you who are willing to have a connection and talk. Millions of people who desire to have a friend or someone to talk to are invested in this site. It is fun, friendly, and free.

What You Need To Know As A Parent

As a parent, you need to know that this app is in no way, shape, or form kid friendly. Meetme is designed for relationship/dating seeking people who are over the age of 18 or 21. There is absolutely no privacy and no filters in Meetme, and we strongly advise you to keep your children far from getting to this application. There are sick people who are on this app, as any social media app goes. More so than any other social media sites, this specific one is on the darker side, and the intentions are not to share the highlights of someones life. The intentions are to find people to talk to and to flirt with. We 110% advise to never let your kid get a hold of this app.

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Our Opinion Of The App

Overall experience rating of MeetMe is a 1/5 and the learning rating is a 0/5. There is nothing to learn except the impression management of how others make their profile. You do not have to find or search for everything, is it very easy to maneuver, and everything pops right up at your disposal.

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Age Appropriateness

Age 18+


Most information found on MeetMe - Meet New People is found from various websites. If you are still concerned and unsure if your child should purchase this app then you can go and check out CommonSenseMedia and read their information on MeetMe - Meet New People. If that still is not enough information for you then you can always go type exactly what your concern is about MeetMe - Meet New People on Google.


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February 16, 2016