Learn Spanish – MindSnacks – Educational Games App Review

Fast-paced fiesta of language fun for older kids. GameAdvice.org Gives This A 4/5 Overall Rating.

Quick Content Overview of What Your Child Will Experience:

  • App Play Simplicity: 3
  • Level of Fear and/or Violence in App: 0
  • Amount of Sexual Content: 0
  • Level of Bad Language: 0
  • Amount of Drug Use and/or Smoking: 2
  • Amount of Consumerism: 2

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Some Things To Keep In Mind

Parents need to know that Learn Spanish – MindSnacks is a hip language-learning app with lots of pep for kids learning basic Spanish vocabulary and simple sentences. With only one lesson, the free version is really a preview; the full version has much more depth. You must register (via email or Facebook), but reminder notifications including a word of the day are optional. Users can share to Facebook via the app; you can turn this off in settings. A “night on the town” lesson refers to going to a bar and getting a drink, whereas other lessons are completely kid-friendly.

Learn Spanish – MindSnacks is a Educational Games app that is designed for those 10.  The app has an overall rating of 4 out of 5 and a learning rating of 3 out of 5.

Learn Spanish – MindSnacks is available for Free ($4.99 full version) On The Following Devices:

iPod Touch


Our Thoughts on the Level of Engagement:

Hip graphics, jazzy tunes, and fast-paced challenges and quests create a fun arcade atmosphere.

The Support Level for Learn Spanish – MindSnacks is about a 3 out of 5.

Overall, the interface is well-organized, but it buries lesson selection. Players get access to a good amount of performance data.

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