Graffiti Spray Can HD – Entertainment App Review

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Lots of creative options, some ads, and an iffy link or two. Gives This A 4/5 Overall Rating.

Quick Content Overview of What Your Child Will Experience:

  • App Play Simplicity: 4
  • Level of Fear and/or Violence in App: 1
  • Amount of Sexual Content: 0
  • Level of Bad Language: 2
  • Amount of Drug Use and/or Smoking: 0
  • Amount of Consumerism: 3

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Some Things To Keep In Mind

Parents need to know that Griffiti Spray Can HD mimics the act of spray painting. You can choose the background (e.g. brick wall), paint size and color, and any special “tips” you want (such as a realistic dripping effect). Since graffiti is a controversial art form, parents may want to consider whether they think this app glorifies an often illegal activity. If viewed simply as a drawing app, Graffiti Spray Can HD can help users unleash their artistic creativity. Parents may also want to note that a splash screen contains a somewhat menacing character in a gas mask, surrounded by symbols including the Eye of Heru, the Eye of Providence, a six-pointed star, and a crescent moon.

Graffiti Spray Can HD is a Entertainment app that is designed for those 13.  The app has an overall rating of 4 out of 5 and a learning rating of  out of 5.

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Our Thoughts on the Level of Engagement:

Our star rating assesses the media’s overall quality.

The Support Level for Graffiti Spray Can HD is about a out of 5.

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May 13, 2016