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SniperSpy Remote Monitoring Software

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Computer Monitoring


$79 for a 12 month license


If your child is using his computer for inappropriate activities then you need SniperSpy computer monitor software. SniperSpy helps parents monitor and control their child's computer usage.

Once installed onto the computer that you own and have proper consent to monitor, it monitors websites visited, photos saved, social and chat messengers, applications and more. You login to your own online control panel to view your child's computer activities. SniperSpy also helps to restrict activities with its content filtering, app blocking and time control.


SniperSpy stands above the rest by offering an intuitive LIVE Control Panel. Unlike anything ever seen before, this innovation allows you to perform LIVE monitoring and control of your child's computer. You can view your child's computer screen like a television and perform other commands instantly.

New and improved for SniperSpy version 8.0, the Live Control Panel is now faster than ever before. It also shows message history, better file browsing, a dashboard with computer info, live screen thumbnail, disk summary and apps running list. You get to see live events such as keystrokes as they happen!

What Operating Systems are Compatible?

SniperSpy goes above and beyond traditional monitoring by giving you certain admin and control tools that our own customers have requested. Connect to our one-of-a-kind LIVE control panel. Inside this control panel you can issue commands to be sent to your remote PC or Mac. 

It monitors Facebook, websites, keystrokes, applications, PC or Mac activity, clipboard activity and more. It can also allow you to monitor your children's screen, view their locations on a map, browse their file system, download remotely, view/kill their processes, view their browser history and more. 

Best Features for Parents to Utilize...

SniperSpy is a monitoring software that does what its name suggests: spies from a distance. This software is a great choice if you need remote monitoring of a computer in real time. Not only can you watch the screen live, you also have the ability to control certain aspects of the computer, making it a Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award winner. However, it does lack a few useful features, including email monitoring.

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"SniperSpy is no doubt a powerful monitoring solution for parents."


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After long hours of research, we have discovered that the SniperSpy parental remote monitoring software works is a great choice for monitoring the safety of children. The only downside being that the child knows he or she is being monitored on the device, which may make it difficult to keep an eye on teenagers. 


The Good Stuff:
  • Real time monitoring
  • Website blocking 
  • Keystroke logging
The Bad Stuff:
  • No email monitoring
  • Limited memory for saving screenshots
  • Now notifies someone he/she is being monitored 

Best Offer

Start Monitoring Your Children Today For a Safer Tomorrow

SniperSpy makes it simple for you to protect your children on their mobile and personal devices. 

Purchase Options

1 Month

  • PC compatible
  • Mac compatible



3 Months

  • PC compatible
  • Mac compatible



6 Months

  • PC compatible
  • Mac compatible



1 Year

  • PC compatible
  • Mac compatible