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Qustodio is the #1 top-rated parental control software for families of all sizes, big or small. Qustodio software is compatible with all Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Kindle and Nook devices. This means that all of your kids' devices can be easily monitored with the same software.

Join more than 130,000 parents who no longer worry about their kids' online safety.

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With a premium license, you will be able to install this software on all of your children’s devices. With the premium purchase, you can install on 5, 7 or 10 devices depending on the license you choose.

Qustodio stands out above all other parental monitoring software on the market. After several different tests of a variety of software on our personal devices, we came to the conclusion that Qustodio is the software to beat. We could easily monitor every user’s activity all from one remote admin panel. This software is easy-to-use and simple to install.

Features for Free Package

Qustodio Free Trial

Try out everything the premium package has to offer for 3 days. Use this on your most used device to monitor all activity. After your 3 day trial is up, you can upgrade your account to install Qustodio on up to 5, 7, or 10 devices.

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Features for iOS & Android

Qustodio For iOS & Android

Qustodio is simply installed as an app on your iOS or Android device. That app then allows you to download a profile onto the device which can only be removed with an admin code.

iOS: Qustodio for all iPhones, iPads and iPods running iOS 7 or later. This software enables you to filter Safari so you can determine what your child can and cannot see. It allows you to see everything that your child searched for, every website that was visited and much more!

You can also set time limits for these devices so that you can limit access during bedtime hours or in other circumstances you don’t want your child to use his or her device.

Not only can you monitor Internet usage, you can also see how long apps are used (Facebook, App Store, iTunes, Whatsapp, Kik, Instagram, etc.).

*Qustodio for iOS doesn’t support location tracking. However you can still get this feature using the “Find My Friends” app which is already built into iOS.

Android: Qustodio for Android offers a new location tracking feature that allows you to see where your child is located at all times. With Qustodio on Android devices, you can monitor texting and calling activity, and block certain numbers from contacting your child. Block and filter certain websites and web content, view web activity, set time limits, and see app activity. You can also enable a panic button for your child to use in emergency situations.

Features for Mac & PC

​Qustodio For Mac & PC

Set up advanced Facebook monitoring so that you know how your child is using Facebook. You can block content and websites through different categorized filters and restrict games and apps on their PC or Mac. Limit time usage and monitor activity from one easy-to-use login platform. Be alerted when your child has questionable activity or new contacts.

Features for Kindle & Nook

​Qustodio For Kindle & Nook

When using Qustodio for Kindle or Nook, you can block and filter inappropriate and harmful material when your child is surfing the web. Set time usage limits and watch how your kid is using the internet and applications on their device just as you would on any other iPad or Android tablet.

Parents love that Qustodio not only works for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS, but also for Kindle and Nook! So if you have been searching endlessly for a software that is compatible for Kindle or Nook devices, your search is over.


​If you are not satisfied with the software after trying it out, you can easily get your money back. To do so, just email with a subject line of "Termination Request."


​This app does a great job helping us monitor our kids activities and blocking undesirable sites. It breaks down the minutes they spend on each app and shows how many minutes they are online. I tried Net Nanny and this is far better. It doesn't slow down the Internet and provides a more comprehensive feedback. I quit using Net Nanny even though we had 6 months left on the subscription, but I just switched to the paid version of Qustodio after trying the free version for 5 months because the free version worked so well that I wanted to put it on all of my kids' devices.

Eli Sherman

​I love how it tells me which websites they have been visiting, and which ones have been blocked, such as weapons website (my 16-year-old loves to hunt). Also the percentages and pie chart of how much time they are spending on their device. Another thing I have appreciated is being able to read the text messages that they receive. It gives me an idea of what kind of kids their friends are, and that my kids aren't being [targeted online].


I was using Norton Family (free), and while it protected the PC's and Kindles for web browsing, the time limits only worked on the PC's and the Premium version did not offer anything better. The kids would use up their time on the PC, and then grab their Kindles and carry on. Also, Norton would crash when Skype was started. After some research I loaded up the free version of Qustodio. It has the same basic functions as Norton Family, but the time limits worked across multiple platforms. When the kids run out of time for the day, that's it. No PC, no Kindle, no Phone (they can still call and text). There does appear to be some "lag" if their Kindles are not on Wifi, so if the limit is 2 hours, they may get 2:15 or so. It worked so well, I bought a licensed copy ($45 normally, but with the free version you get 3 days of premium service and after the second day they gave me an offer to buy for $33). The only real limitation is the license is for 5 devices. This works for us, 2 kids, 2 phones, 2 Kindles, and one PC(with an account for each kid). Setting up and installing is very straight forward. On the free version you can only set over all time limits, and on the licensed version you set time limits per device. I just like the over all time limits so if they want to send their time on one device, that is fine. We've been using it for 2 months now and it is very stable and I've had no problems with maintaining it. It just works. The kids can't uninstall it (with out the password), and it doesn't appear to affect the performance of any of the devices. And if you want to give them more time for some reason, you just type in your password and set how much time they get.Web browsing works well and you get reports on what site they visiting as well as what they are searching for. The settings are initially set by the kids age, but you can modify it. You also have the option to totally block categories of sites or get alerts when they are visiting those site.This does everything I need a parental control software to do.

Roger Bowers

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