Talking Tom Cat – Entertainment App Review

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Talking Tom Cat – Entertainment App Review

Price: Free


Talking Tom Cat is an app that is used for entertainment. Talk, play and interact with Tom for a fun filled experience that will make you laugh.    

What You Need To Know As A Parent

What you need to know as a parent:

  • Anything that is said to the cat WILL be repeated out loud
  • You may choose if you want to use the adult option or the child option when the app is downloaded

Content Overview of APP_NAME

Content Overview of Talking Tom Cat:

  • This app has no violence when purchased
  • This app has no sexual content
  • This app ONLY has bad language if you speak it for the cat to repeat

Talking Tom Cat has a high rate of interest by consumers and it is highly sought after. The reason it is highly sought after is because of how much joy it brings to whomever buys this app. This app provides you with many laughs and makes children happy. This is a free app so this benefits whoever wants to try the app out. It is a little confusing when you first get the app but after a few tries it gets easier and easier. As a parent you must realize that the cat will repeat back anything that is said to it. Meaning if any bad language is said then the cat will repeat that language.

Our Opinion Of The App

Gameadvice team downloaded this app for free on Iphone to test it out and see how well it worked. Gameadvice team found that this game doesn’t work all the time and has glitches but when it it is not doing that it is an OK app.

App Ratings

  • Amount of violence 0% 0%
  • Level of sexual content 0% 0%
  • Use of bad language 5% 5%
These ratings vary. This app was created for children to play on. Unfortunately, older people download this app and can do whatever they want with it. Bad language was given 5% because there are several videos on the internet showing the talking cat speaking bad language. The only way that this would happen is if you were speaking bad language when recording yourself for the talking cat to repeat.





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Age Appropriateness

Age 7+


Most information found on Talking Tom Cat is found from various websites. If you are still concerned and unsure if your child should purchase this app then you can go and check out CommonSenseMedia and read their information on Talking Tom Cat. If that still is not enough information for you then you can always go type exactly what your concern is about Talking Tom Cat on Google.


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April 22, 2016