Starfall Learn to Read – Education App Review

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Starfall Learn to Read is a learning devise branching from the Starfall website, teaching young children of any ages of 4 or above to learn and distinguish between vowels and sounds. The $2.99 app has a purpose of reading improvement and teaching.

What You Need To Know As A Parent

Starfall Learn To Read is an easy app for young kids from the ages of 4 and up. What parents should know is that there are about 15 books for the children to read, all focusing on something specific to learn and understand. For example, the first book a child clicks on could work specifically on E’s, ranging anywhere from Cheese, to Elephant and more. This app is completely kid friendly, made for the sole purpose to help young kids learn how to better their reading skills. There is a website you can check out that is the website version of the app. The app was made to compliment the app and has served a great purposes in the children’s learning experience.

Content Overview

Including colorful pictures and fun graphics, the minds of the young are stayed tied into the app and creates a fun experience for the lessons presented. Not only are their books to read and go through, but also movies, videos, songs, and activities. This variety of learning tools distinguishes between written and spoken words and will help your child know the value between different sounds. Even with the graphics and distractions of the colors and pictures, they are all focused on the same task which is keeping the children focused on learning.

  • Simplicity: 4 (out of 5)
  • Violence in App: 0
  • Sexual Content: 0
  • Language: 0
  • Drug Use/Smoking: 0
  • Consumerism: 0

There is a panel menu which provides easy access to the different activities and games provided. It is easy to maneuver and simple to understand where to go next and how to get to certain books and activities.

Our Opinion Of The App

Our opinion of the app regarding easy use is a 4.5 out of 5. It is one of the easiest and result driven apps in the app store. Our opinion on the learning capability and potential is a 4 out of 5. There is only so much that an iPad or a phone can do for a child, and getting their hands on actual books would be beneficial after completing the series of book on the app. We advise gathering hard copies along with the app to apply the new vowels and other things learned in the app to the books that they have at their use.

App Ratings

  • Overall “Kid Friendly” Rating 100% 100%
  • Amount of violence 0% 0%
  • Level of sexual content 0% 0%
  • Use of bad language 0% 0%





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Age Appropriateness

Age 4+


Most information found on Starfall Learn to Read is found from various websites. If you are still concerned and unsure if your child should purchase this app then you can go and check out CommonSenseMedia and read their information on Starfall Learn to Read. If that still is not enough information for you then you can always go type exactly what your concern is about Starfall Learn to Read on Google.


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June 14, 2015