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Picsart Photo Studio, also known as PicsArt, is an application designed for public sharing of photographs. It is designed much like Instagram, but instead of personal life as a main motivation, most accounts are used for photography and editing. You control your account, who you follow, and what pictures you chose to display. The social media app is designed for people who are eager to share their fantastic photos to the rest of the users.

What You Need To Know As A Parent

As for any social media site, there are always risks. This one in particular is used not as much socially, but it’s all for show. There are not many engagements or direct messages that occur, but the inappropriate accounts can be searched and found easily. As long as you do not search for any violent matter, it will not show up on your news feed. If your account is public, those accounts may follow you, but that chance is very slim. If you are familiar with the way Instagram works, PicsArt works almost the exact same way. The only thing that is needed to make an account is an email address and a user name. User names may be your name and also may not be your name. The site is rather safe and sound, used solely for the purpose of sharing the best photos found and taken from that specific user. There is a comment box for every picture. The comments are free and open for everyone on the internet to see. We would strongly advise to resist sharing any personal information whatsoever with that feature.

Content Overview

This social photo editing app has amazing features and shows excellent innovation and creativity. When you first make an account, it asks you what types of things you like to look at or explore. By doing this and by checking the boxes for travel and nature for example, it automatically puts high end pictures of nature on your timeline so you have a start. The app does a great job at welcoming new users and provides a step by step tutorial as it lets you play around with the editing features and application features itself. On the bottom of the screen, there are five menu options. Starting on the left hand side, the first one with the globe looking button is the button you push to receive news feed. This shows you the most recent pictures from all the people you are following and enjoy. Whatever they post shows up for you to scroll through and enjoy. The next button on the right side of the news feed menu, is the “Explore” page. This page has all kinds of options to feed though the most popular pictures and accounts on the web. Daily Inspiration, Featured Images, “Joined this Week”, Create&Discover, and many other choices are available to look through. The most popular and uniquely edited pictures can be found here. The next button is orange and easy to find because it has a “+” mark on it. This is the option you click on to add a picture. By doing this, it takes you straight to your photo library to upload to the editing page. There are an incredible amount of edits and effects you can put on the picture. You are able to distort the picture and improve it in endless ways. The next menu button is a trophy icon. This is the contest page, which shows you the hashtag contests you can compete in. These contests are things like a drawing project, decorating eggs, editing cat photos, and graphic design. The last menu option is a person icon which signifies your personal profile. There, you can determine who you follow, who follows you, what pictures you want on your profile, your profile picture, and more. You are in compete control of what you make from your experience with the account.

Our Opinion Of The App

We asked students to compare PicsArt with Instagram, and tell us their opinion on the content, whether or not it is kid friendly, and their rate out of ten points.åÊThe ratings for this app are anywhere from 7-10/10 for enjoyment. Most older students and college students as well as some adults said that the app was more top notch than Instagram with professional and class. PicsArt was a true photo sharing app, and not used for advertisement and unnecessary things like impression management. We concluded that the application is not kid friendly due to the lack of content that would grab a kids attention. There is nothing in PicsArt that would interest a child or gain popularity from with them. The app is typically used for older students and people who are interested in cool photos. We deem this unnecessary for a child to obtain.

App Ratings

  •   Overall “Kid Friendly” Rating 15% 15%
  • Amount of violence 30% 30%
  • Level of sexual content 45% 45%
  • Bad Langauge 25% 25%


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Age Appropriateness

Age 16+


Most information found on PicsArt - Photo Studio is found from various websites. If you are still concerned and unsure if your child should purchase this app then you can go and check out CommonSenseMedia and read their information on PicsArt - Photo Studio. If that still is not enough information for you then you can always go type exactly what your concern is about PicsArt - Photo Studio on Google.


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December 21, 2015