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What You Need To Know As A Parent

When thinking about weather this is a good app for your child or not there are a few things that you as a parent should know. This app is free so you would not need to spend any money to test this app out. Also, this app allows your child to edit and insert wording into their photos. There are many different themes that you can use to change around the coloring of your photos and videos.

Content Overview

  • This is a very kid-friendly app
  • There is little to no violence in this app and if there is then it would be just a small inappropriate symbol.
  • There is no sexual content in this app
  • There is no bad language in this app

Our Opinion Of The App

Game advice team downloaded and installed this app for free on and iPhone and thought that it was a great app! We did not experience any difficulties with the app. In fact, it worked perfectly! We definitely recommend this app and think that it is wonderful to have and will provide you with many different editing options! This app will not bored you when it comes to getting creative.

App Ratings

  • Overall “Kid Friendly” Rating 85% 85%
  • Amount of violence 1% 1%
  • Level of sexual content 0% 0%
  • Use of bad language 0% 0%


Photo & Video



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Age Appropriateness

Age 10+


Most information found on Photo Grid - Collage Maker is found from various websites. If you are still concerned and unsure if your child should purchase this app then you can go and check out CommonSenseMedia and read their information on Photo Grid - Collage Maker. If that still is not enough information for you then you can always go type exactly what your concern is about Photo Grid - Collage Maker on Google.


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October 14, 2015