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Animoto Video Maker is an app designed to guide someone through making a slideshow video to present videos or photos in a fun and creative way. It is easy to use and the results are fun to watch. Share videos anywhere using any pictures! Animoto has 4.5 stars on the app store for apple and has great reviews which can also be found in the app store. Using photos and video clips from your personal camera roll, you can create your own style of slideshow, customizing the music, background, length, pictures, and theme. Not only can you make the video on this app you can also share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

What You Need To Know As A Parent

As a parent, you should know that this app is not deigned for children. It way be easy for a child to make a video and save it, but Animoto is not an app for kids. It is meant to share pictures and small videos to a larger sideshow and share to social media, email, or Facebook. It is advised that the ages for the app are 13+. If your child decides to use this app, you should look at the list of music that has already been downloaded on the app as a template of songs for the users to choose from while making their video. They may also upload their own music for the video, but the music already on the app is for all genres ranging from christian to hip hop and rap. While the app is free, there are subscription options, which do cost money. Make sure to only buy that if you are going to use it for a long period of time and for a good reason. The free version comes with great features that are to your disposal at zero cost. As a parent, this would be a great app to share videos and pictures of your little one’s childhood memories. Check out the description and reviews in the app store and get started today!

Content Overview

You do not need to make an account to use this app nor do you have to connect with email and Facebook although it is an option. Upon opening the app you will have 2 options. There is two buttons available from the beginning. One is the settings button which offers connections with Facebook and email as well as making an account. There is also information about FAQ and Contact Support. The terms and privacy are located at the bottom of that page as well as the update. The other option is “Create Video” which is in the top right corner in blue ink. Here, the app will ask for access to your pictures and videos in your camera roll. The videos can feature 20 video clips or pictures of your choice. Once you read the statement it’s time to get started! After selecting the videos and pictures of your choice, it’s time to chose the theme, layout, and music. The popular styles come up right away and there are a variety of different layouts to chose from. The styles are…

  • #1 Dad
  • 1:1
  • A Wonderland of Snow
  • Air
  • Amethyst
  • Animoto Original
  • Antique Bouquet
  • Autumn
  • Baby Bellissimo
  • Back to School
  • Big Beat
  • Birthday Gifts
  • Bloom
  • Bloom (blue)
  • Blue Frost
  • Bon Voyage
  • Brilliance
  • Carousel
  • Chalk Blossoms
  • Champagne
  • Christmas Frost
  • Color Frama
  • Color Shift
  • Coming Up Roses
  • Confetti
  • Cosmic Tidings
  • Dance Party
  • Destinations
  • Earth
  • Eight Days of Light
  • Fire
  • Fireworks
  • And many many more…

The next step is to pick a song of either choice or from the examples in the application. After choosing this feature, edit the intro and outro with customized text and titles. Starting and final captions can be added to the character amount to your choice and the description is limited to 140 characters. Hit preview to watch the video be pulled together. Watch the tutorial video attached to see a step by step tutorial on how to make the video and how to maneuver around the application to the best of your ability. There are currently 8 in app purchase options to chose from. The first one is $4.99 called animoto basic and the 8th one of animoto personal which costs $59.99. There are many options in between which can be found in the app store with descriptions. Animoto is compatible with iOS 7 or later and is compatible with any apple product such as iPhone, iPod, iPad etc…

Our Opinion Of The App

We downloaded a series of slideshow apps in order to create this review and compared Animoto among them. We gathered that Animoto was one of the easiest to use and created some of the best videos we tried out. It offers many different personal options and various styles easily chosen. With Animoto, you can create a video in a minute or under, where as in other apps take a long time to get through the steps. We rate Animoto at a 4/5 overall experience with a 1/5 learning rate. The app was not designed to teach anyone anything but rather to assist those who need the steps to make the slideshow. A 4/5 from us and a 4.5/5 from apple creates a trusted environment and a sure opinion of the Animoto.

App Ratings

  • Overall “Kid Friendly” Rating 25% 25%
  • Amount of violence 0% 0%
  • Level of sexual content 0% 0%
  • Use of bad language 5% 5%


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Age Appropriateness

Age 13+


Most information found on Animoto Video Maker is found from various websites. If you are still concerned and unsure if your child should purchase this app then you can go and check out CommonSenseMedia and read their information on Animoto Video Maker. If that still is not enough information for you then you can always go type exactly what your concern is about Animoto Video Maker on Google.


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August 13, 2015