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KidLogger Parental Control Software

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Free basic package or $9.00 - $89.00 for standard to professional packages


KidLogger parental filters are compatible with Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS. This software is able to monitor the web history, see time spent on device, enable screenshots of the screen, and much more.

The KidLogger parental control program gives parents the feeling of relief knowing that their children are safe on the internet. With the easy to use platform, the software is built to ease the use for parents.

What are KidLoggers three profile types?



 A free-of-charge register allows parents to have:  

- Monitoring ability for apps, the Internet, phone call logs, and screenshots on one computer or phone

- Viewing capacity for the entire user activity journal

- The ability to use only two types of web analytics.


This includes everything the basic package offer plus a few extra features including:

-Access to analytics: Apps, Chats/SMS, Call Logs, Locations, Web.

-Creating schedules for access to the apps (best solution for school time and home work).

-Block apps with the use of password protection.

- Schedule e-mail reports

- Access to a dedicated KidLogger technical support


​This also includes the basic package with extra features, but goes further to incorporate added spy features:

-Reads messages from Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, etc.

 -View typed keystrokes

-Listen to cell phone calls and Skype calls

-View photos taken by cell phone camera or webcam

-invisible to the person being monitored

How KidLogger works..

KidLogger monitors the user activities and builds up a general picture of a kid’s virtual life. With this in mind, parents may draw a certain conclusion and correct their child’s behavior. The application runs in the background and works alongside activity monitoring systems. It gathers the necessary data and analyzes all your child's online activity (the app is available for Windows, Mac OS and mobile phones on the basis of Android and Nokia). You can register your personal account at to monitor the computers and mobile phones of your kids. KidLogger not only gives you a general report on your kid’s activity but can also analyze all his/her online actions within a certain period of time and identify some regularities:

  • The most frequently used apps and files
  • The most frequently visited websites
  • A list of Skype and phone contacts (including SMS messages)
  • How much time spent on a PC per week, per month (only the active time is to be considered, only when your child uses it)
  • A list of key words typed
  • A list of key search requests
  • Travel path data through the city (using the phone GPS)

This program also allows you to use more advanced features for remote control, such as: saving the PC screenshots, sound recordings during Skype, or phone talks.

"Easy setup with no hassles. Promising returns, simply superb"
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After researching satisfied information, we have discovered that the KidLogger parental control software works great with all devices. It provides sufficient protection to comfort parents with children of all ages, while allowing the children to freely, and safely, navigate the Internet. 


The Good:
  • Safety system for kids, teens, and adults
  • Has a free option
  • Compatible with most devices
The Bad:
  • Tech support is only phone call or email
  • Basic version is rather simple

KidLogger Parental Control

One small step can make a big difference

By purchasing this software, you are one step closer at guaranteeing online safety for your children.