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‘Monster Hunter Now’ Hits Mobile In Sept With New Character, Qualily

Gear up, fellow adventurers, because the excitement of hunting monsters is about to leap from your screens into reality! Niantic and Capcom have teamed up to create Monster Hunter Now, a mobile game that lets fans embark on epic monster-hunting quests right in the heart of the real world. The game is set to launch worldwide on 14 September on both iOS and Android devices.

However, Monster Hunter Now has undergone a special “soft launch” phase in a select few markets, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, and Sweden. If you’re in any of these regions, you can download the full, pre-release version of the game absolutely free of charge!

This special soft launch initiative allows the development team to fine-tune the game. Exciting new features will be introduced and gameplay will be refined based on valuable player feedback. The best part? All progress made during this soft launch will seamlessly carry over to the global launch on 14 September.

Diablos, the flying bipedal wyvern, is confirmed to be in the game. They are best known for their massive bull-like horns above their red eyes, and their ability to burrow underground.

But that’s not all. Monster Hunter Now will see the addition of Qualily, a remarkable character hailing from a distant world. With unparalleled knowledge of monsters, she stands as a guiding light for all hunters. Yet, her unquenchable curiosity draws her toward the unknown wonders of our world, promising a captivating narrative that will keep players hooked.

Fellow adventurers outside of the soft launch territories can pre-register on the game’s official webpage to receive rewards upon its launch.