Watch A Singapore Stuntman Recreate Iconic Fights From ‘The Legend Of Korra’

The Legend of Korra (TLOK) and Avatar: The Last Airbender (ATLA) might have ended a while back, but fans of the series have continued to revive the hype for the franchise. And it seems some fan support has made its way to Singapore, with stuntman and fight coordinator Peps Goh garnering over 500 likes on his recreation of climatic fights from The Legend of Korra.

Shot at a HDB void deck, the compilation recreates iconic fights from the series such as the Zaheer vs. Korra fight, the Kuvira vs. Korra fight, and even a fight scene with older Zuko. The idea to recreate TLOK fight scenes was inspired by Robin Cal, a US-based stuntman who previously filmed recreations of ATLA fights and the series intro. The fights are pretty much shot-for-shot recreations of the fight choreography, as the video Goh uploads features a side-by-side comparison with the original.

fights from the legend of korra

Goh has expressed a desire to recreate more TLOK scenes, commenting that “we have enough people to recreate every Pro-Bending Tournament match 😗 and we have wireworks to recreate even the impossible scenes, like one with the chi-blockers in the hot air balloon,” on his Instagram page. With the Pro-Bending Tournament being a big part of the first season of TLOK, there’s plenty of material there, especially the explosive final match between the White Falls Wolfbats and the Fire Ferrets.

Square up in a HDB void deck, because it’s time to put your combat skills to the test — who knows, you could even recreate your renditions of fights from The Legend of Korra, or Avatar: The Last Airbender (safely, of course)!