‘Blue Beetle’ Has Two Post-Credits Scenes

Do you know what we love more than a good superhero movie? Post-credits scenes!

DC Studios’ Blue Beetle is out in cinemas and after 2 hours and 7 minutes of action and laughs, fans are treated to not just one, but two post-credits scenes.

Warning: Minor Spoilers ahead!

blue beetle

The first scene focuses on Jenny Kord’s (Bruna Marquezine) father Ted. We don’t see Ted but in the post-credits scene the computer in Ted’s Blue Beetle cave is activated. Ted then uses the computer to deliver a message to whomever is listening. And what is the important message, you ask? Well, Ted wants his daughter to know that he is still alive.

This is a pretty shocking revelation as viewers and Jenny are led to believe that Ted has been dead this whole time.

The second scene is perhaps less shocking but feeds our curiousity a little bit. This post-credit showcases a cartoon clip that was briefly used in an earlier scene of the movie. It may not have much impact in the DC Universe as we know it, but it adds to the overall film’s vibe of uplifting and representing the Latino community.

Blue Beetle stars Xolo Maridueña as Jaime Reyes and Damián Alcázar as his father Alberto Reyes. Elpidia Carrillo is Jaime’s mother Rocio Reyes, Bruna Marquezine is Jaime’s love interest Jenny Kord, Raoul Max Trujillo is Conrad Carapax, Susan Sarando is Victoria Kord, George Lopez is Rudy, Jaime’s uncle, and Becky G is the Scarab Kahji-Da.

Blue Beetle is now showing in cinemas.