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Circle by Disney

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Internet Router Control Device




Circle by Disney is a device that gets added to your internet router and allows you to create profiles for each user with customized for what they can be allowed to access.


The Circle device allows parents to create a profile for users of the home internet the provides the desired protection level for each different user.

What's in the Device?

The device does create a great parental control for the home. With a dashboard that is simple to use and allows the admin to control the levels of each sub-user, parents can easily set everything from time limits, to blocking content. It even creates a guest profile for when your children have guests over and access the internet. The main advantage of the device is that there isn't a software that has to be installed on their phone or device. Software has the potential of your children learning how to hack and bypass the security settings. With Circle the software isn't on their phone, it's the internet router itself blocking content.

Circle by Disney Parental Control

Customizations for the Parents to Utilize...

Circle has a strong array of features that parents can customize to provide protection and security for their family at home. Set a bed time of 8:00 for your youngest, but perhaps your high schooler can be on the internet until 10:00, and leave the parent account left unlimited (or not). It can also set time limits for specific apps and websites. So if you want your children to only be allowed on Facebook or their latest game for an hour, set it up and the game will be paused after the time is up. It even allows for a pause button for accounts. Let's say you're putting one of the kids in time out, just pause the internet and they won't be allowed online until you turn it back on, but your other accounts will still be active. Circle also provides a wide array of categories to be filtered per each account.

"A good argument for a tool like this is that it keeps children not from juicy stuff they're sneaking around looking for, but potentially traumatizing content that they accidentally stumble into."

The Wall Street Journal


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The insights for Circle are very simple and easy to understand so you can check reports on your kids online footprint & activity, even compare it back against the last, day, week or month. In all this is a fantastic in home service for parental controls. 

There is a downside to Circle. It works great in the home, however it does not provide controls for when your children's mobile devices have gone somewhere else. They do offer Circle Go for $9/month which provides protection where ever the device. However, this does go back to the potential pitfall of all other downloaded parental controls is the ingenuity of children to learn loopholes around the software.


The Good Stuff:
  • Much harder for children to hack or loophole
  • Full featured with time limits and content blocking
  • Apply multiple users to one device
  • Full activity reports from dashboard
The Bad Stuff:
  • Does not provide protection beyond the house, unless you purchase Circle Go
  • Only blocks internet devices
  • Doesn't prevent or monitor usage of mobile data (again unless you by Circle Go)

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Circle by Disney

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  • Set Time limits, and time frames
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  • Block unwanted content
  • Check reports to monitor activity